Throwing a 70s Party

80s Theme Party

So you want to throw a 70s Party? Well there are some key things everyone needs if they want to have a groovy 70's theme party..

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70s Music

You will want the 70s music flowing all night long during your 70s party, so load up on the top hits from the 70s. That does not mean just playing disco music, there was plenty of other great music to dance to in the 70s other than Disco. Make sure and include plenty of great Motown classics, as well as the top rock songs of the decade. If you do want just great 70s Disco, you can always put on our 8tracks playlist: 70s Disco Hits. Also, check out the 70s Music Video Channels on this website for music ideas..

You could get one of the compilation albums shown here for a great mixture of 70s party music. Another great way to make sure the 70s music never stops is to use a streaming music service like Rhapsody. For one low price, you get all the 70s music you want streamed over the internet. This is great for handling requests at your 70s party, as you have a music catalog of over seven million songs at your disposal.

70s Disco Ball

70s Party Invite

70s Party Ideas, 70s Party Decorations, and 70s Party Favors

You will want to make people feel like they are in the 70s at your party, so you will need party decorations and props from the 70s scattered around the room. The most obvious things to get are Lava Lamps and Disco Balls! Nothing brings back thoughts of the 70s like those floating goo lamps and spinning globes. Also make sure and put up plenty of 70s Posters which you can find at The Great 70s Party Store. Also, Zazzle has a lot of 70s Wall Decorations you can put up.

Fun 70s party favors to give out would be Mood Rings, Lite-Brite Keychains, or Pet Rocks (pretty easy to make these yourself!). Other good party favors would be candy popular from the 70s (Bottle Caps, Blow Pops, Ring Pops, etc..).You can find these at the Old Time Candy Company.

You will also want to decorate the room(s) your 70s party will take place in. You can find 70s party decorations at your local party store or online at a place like ShindigZ (for free shipping on orders over $85 use code VSCJ2R). Your party decorations should contain popular colors from the 70s ( lots of brown and orange! ). One fun item to have at a 70s Party is the Disco Photo Stand In from ShindigZ where guests can put there heads through the cardboard cutouts and get their picture taken.

Check out The Great 70s Party Store for more 70s Party decorations ideas!

Use these awesome 70s note cards from Zazzle for your 70s Party Invitations.

70s Costumes

Wearing 70s costumes is one of the most fun parts of hosting a 70s party. You will want to make sure and tell people that dressing up in 70s related garb is required for entrance! You should send 70s costume ideas out for people with the invitation, as some might not know what they should be looking for.

The most obvious 70s costumes usually involve a big afro wig, big collared shirts, white disco pants, corduroy pants, extra wide ties, or even a full white leisure suit for the guys. The girls costumes usually include go-go dancer outfits, incredibly colorful hippy clothes with lots of flowers, or just about any brown and orange based clothing. Also, tie dye shirts and peace sign jewelry work great for anyone. Check out our section on 70s Fashion for more ideas.

BuyCostumes has a Retro 70s Section with all sorts of 70s costumes and accessories, including the famous Elvis White Jumpsuit.

Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots

70s Themed Games

You will also want to give the guests of your 70s party something to do when they aren't dancing to the great70s tunes. You could spice up your party with some 70s name that tune contests, where you play a snipit of an 70s song and ask your guests to guess the song title. Other fun things to have around would be toys from the 70s like the Rock 'Em Sock 'Em ROBOTS Game. You could also have some 70s games available for your guests to play: